Mexican Radio is a synth punk three-piece with high-energy songs inspired by bands like Cabaret Voltaire, DAF and Stereo Total. They wear brightly-colored uniforms at all times, and their live shows come across like psychotic radio broadcasts from another planet – a relentless onslaught of sinister yet danceable grooves.

Singers/synth players Nathaniel Fregoso and Dyan Valdés are founding members of critically-acclaimed indie band The Blood Arm. Drummer and singer Hannes Neupert is formerly of Berlin garage band The Mokkers. The three played together in a German-language cover band of The Fall called Der Sturz, and decided to form Mexican Radio to write their own original music in a post-punk style.

The band take their name from the synthy new-wave Wall Of Voodoo song “Mexican Radio,” which coincidentally features a sampled recording of Fregoso’s late father, a renowned Spanish-language radio presenter.

Mexican Radio have released two albums, Mexican Radio (self-titled) (March 2018) and Destruction / Reconstruction (September 2019). The songs are dark, heavy, repetitive and high energy, with lyrics inspired by literature and art. Both albums were recorded completely live to tape in an analog studio in the former East Berlin by renowned Berlin producer Mischkah Wilke (producer of Gurr’s award-winning debut album In My Head).

In the fall of 2020, Mexican Radio headed into Impression Recordings to take part in producer Robbie Moore’s Re-Record series, in which classic recordings are recreated as faithfully as possible. The resulting recording, a cover of the classic “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League, was released on 27 November 2020 (the same day the original was released in 1981).

From 2017-2020, Mexican Radio hosted a monthly radio show called the Mexican Radio Radio Show. Each show featured an interview with a different musician as well as hand-picked synth punk, post punk, Neue Deutsche Welle and new wave music. The show was broadcast on KCRW Berlin from 2019-2020, and ended when the station went off the air in December 2020. 

Mexican Radio have played extensively throughout Berlin, including a coveted spot supporting Franz Ferdinand at Tempodrom, who count themselves among fans of the band.